PLEASE NOTE:  MASK RULES FROM QLD Government requires all students and instructors to wear a mask whilst in their lesson whether fully vaccinated or not. Driving lessons fall under rideshare. Please see the rules put in place by the government here 

Please remember due to large volumes of enquires we are booked out sometimes months in advance for peak lesson times, so get in quick and reserve your spot online, with no payment taken from your card to reserve.


Drive with confidence

Do you have a Disability or Anxiety?

Here at Aardvark we specialize in this area, having over 10 years knowledge and experience teaching just those with special needs. We adapt our training to suit each student. We understand you might be a Visual learner, Kinesthetic, Auditory, or by Reading & Writing its not always about just "Driving" for everyone. Some of the things that we do but not limited to are:

  1. Off road interview with you to discuss and assess your driving needs-this includes movement, hearing and vison.
  2. Making visuals, que's or help with additional things related to driving 
  3. Working closely with Occupational Therapists and doctors to establish a medical fitness to drive and vehicle modification requirements 
  4. Theory homework to ensure the student understands what was covered in the lesson- assessing thinking skills.
  5. Each student every lesson is marked on a scale for each criteria of driving skills.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist getting you getting that licence when maybe once upon a time you were told by other schools that it couldn't be done. We go the extra mile!